Der flynne Prozess

By creating the persona, we gain insight into the demographic characteristics, interests and needs of your target group.

The common goal: to better understand the needs and goals of your target group and adapt your recruitment strategy accordingly.

We create and build social media campaigns that reach your exact target audience.

Our target group-specific online campaigns increase the awareness of your employer brand, increase the interaction of your target group and ensure a continuously filled candidate pipeline.

Im digitalen Marketing ist eine Landing Page eine eigenständige Webseite, die speziell für Ihre Werbekampagne erstellt wird. Auf ihr “landen” Kandidat:innen, nachdem sie auf eine Anzeige bei Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter oder ähnlichen Plattformen im Internet geklickt haben.

The aim of Landigpage is to attract candidates to your recruitment process, and all of this is tailored specifically for you by our expert teams.

Candidates are invited to take part in a short and informal skills journey where they answer job-relevant and competency-based questions.

Based on this information, flynne prepares a potential analysis, which includes information on professional orientation, work behaviour, social components, language skills and professional competences.

flynne matches candidates with your requirements based on the information you provide and the persona. When a match is made, candidates receive real-time appointment suggestions for a first, non-binding meeting.

With the data from the potential analysis, you receive important information about the candidate before the personal interview and can go deeper into the interview.



  • Sourcing, Screening, Selektion voll automatisiert

    The entire active sourcing process is automated.
  • Competence-based talent search

    Recruiting is done according to competences, such as: professional competences and soft skills.

  • Time/resources/budget relief

    The recruiting process with flynne saves up to 85% time and 80% costs compared to classic methods.

  • Specialists and career changers

    flynne recruits both highly specialised professionals and qualified career changers.

  • Sourcing by professions and eco-systems

    Matching can be done with candidates and your company or with an eco-system (many companies).
  • Reporting and Analytics Cockpit

    You get access to your company cockpit for matching scores, talent reports, your communication and management reporting.