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The flynne process

flynne-Prozess im Überblick

What makes flynne special

What is different?

Klassische Recruiting-MethodenTraditional methods

  • Past-related (the basis of the data is always information from CVs)
  • Active sourcing, search consultants, headhunters
  • Career sites, job boards
  • Placing online job advertisements for individual companies

Zukunftsorientiertes Recruitingflynne

  • Recruiting according to potential - future-oriented
  • Prevents prejudices (conscious or unconscious)
  • Fully automated, AI-supported recruiting process up to the point of getting to know the candidate (approach - assessment - selection)
  • Anonymous process for candidates
  • Company cockpit (analytics dashboard, scores, reports)

With the use of flynne


  • Sourcing, screening, selection

    Fully automated sourcing, screening and selection process
  • Diversity-oriented recruiting

    Recruiting without socio-demographic data collection - Anonymity of candidates
  • Competence-based talent search

    Recruiting according to competences, such as: professional competences + soft skills
  • Time/resources/budget relief

    flynne saves up to 85% time and 80% costs compared to classic methods
  • Specialists and career changers

    Recruitment of highly specialised specialists and qualified career changers
  • Talent report for candidates

    The user can become even more aware of his abilities and skills
  • Sourcing according to professional groups and eco-systems

    Pattern recognition and matching is not only done with one company but xx candidates and xx companies.
  • Reporting and Analytics Cockpit

    Unternehmenscockpit für Scores, Talent Reports, Kommunikation, Reporting- und Analytics