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Das Recruiting-Tool flynne rekrutiert - Sie entscheiden Mit dem flynne-Potenzialtest unbekannte Talente entdecken

Companies already using flynne :

Companies already using
flynne :

  • SAP
  • Innovabee
  • Allgeier ES
  • Apsolut
  • Birchmann
  • Infosys
  • Intelligence
  • Bausch
  • Prismat
  • Scheer
  • TTS


How does it work?


Kandidaten-Persona erstellen
Create the candidate profile
with just a few clicks
Kompetenzen für das Stellenprofil festlegen
Define relevant competencies
for your candidate profile.
Mit automatisierter Kontaktaufnahme direkt ins Gespräch gehen
While flynne recruits, you will receive an
informative talent report of the candidates who
want to get in touch with you.
Matching and contact
happen automatically

Why flynne

Recruiting by competencies

find candidates
that suit you

The traditional way of recruiting often reaches its limits. With the growing level of digitalization, job requirements have changed. It is becoming more and more challenging to achieve growth targets, to bring more diversity into the company or its teams or to fill positions for which there is no special training or course of study.

Extraordinary situations call for extraordinary solutions. With flynne, we have developed an application that prioritizes skills and potential while saving you time and effort.
Mit flynne haben wir eine Anwendung entwickelt, die Kompetenzen und Potenzial in den Vordergrund stellen und Ihnen damit Zeit und Aufwand ersparen.

flynne manages the search for potential candidates, as well as the selection and approach. In contrast to job boards, which only address active job seekers, flynne also reaches passive candidates. flynne focuses on competencies and potential of the candidates and provides information you won't find on any CV.
flynne automates the entire prior recruiting process, so you can start conversations with interested candidates right away.



automatisiert &

Ansprache von passiven Kandidaten
We reach passive
candidates from your
target group
Potenzialanalyse der Kandidaten
Candidates complete
a brief and interactive
potential analysis.
Automatisiertes KI-Matching von Talentreport und Anforderungsprofil
flynne matches the results of the analysis with your requirements and creates a talent report.
Kandidaten kennenlernen bei erfolgreichem Match
If your pre-defined requirements
are met, candidates will come into
The process is automated.
You just need to start a conversation.

Talking about potential in recruiting

flynne in the news

Stano Simunek

„Scout Hidden Talents. Get professionals from outside of the SAP ecosystem through social media, using campaings designed to attract and qualify profiles against predefined set of consulting personas defined by each participating partner”

Stano Simunek
Global Vice President
Partner Delivery Programs for Intelligent Enterprise at SAP

Bernd Koneczny

“Recruiting with flynne saves a lot of time and has increased our talent pool to about 40 percent within 3 months. We have also come across many interesting candidates from technology- and industry-related areas who would have passed through our applicant grid with their CV on its own.”

Bernd Koneczny
Senior Vice President HR at Bausch Health

Aljoscha Recknagel

„Mit Flynne ist es uns innerhalb eines kurzen Zeitraums gelungen mit Kandidat*innen unterschiedlicher Erfahrungsstufen in Kontakt zu kommen und für einen gemeinsamen Bewerbungsprozess zu begeistern. Die intuitive Benutzeroberfläche der Plattform, die automatisierte Kontaktaufnahme sowie der Matching-Algorithmus haben nicht nur eine zeiteffiziente Ansprache, sondern letztlich auch ein Vertragsangebot ermöglicht.“

Aljoscha Recknagel
CU Human Resources
BTC Business Technology Consulting AG

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