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flynne offers you an intelligent solution to efficiently fill your pipeline with suitable candidates. The tool selects potential applicants via various social media channels, presents you as an attractive employer and invites them to apply with just a few clicks.

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Simple. Efficient. Innovative.

Intelligent skill matching

Use the power of AI for precise matching of skills.

Active sourcing automation

Automate your active sourcing – from search to hiring.

Global reach

Reach talent worldwide and easily scale your sourcing.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration of flynne into existing HR IT workflows.

Perfect Candidate Experience

Offer your applicants a smooth and appreciative candidate experience.

Real-time dashboard

Stay on top of things at all times with a comprehensive dashboard for analytics and reports.

Performance metrics

Monitor the performance of your campaigns at any time.

Automated follow up

Candidates are always informed about the status and will be enthusiastic about your process.

Intuitive interface

Enjoy the cloud-based solution with a sleek and intuitive design.

Discover numerous other features that give you the opportunity to discover and inspire more candidates.

Useful use cases of our solution

Where added value is created

Revolutionize recruiting

A recruiting solution that is effortless, fast and unique

Intuitive interface

Easy to use and seamless integration into existing HR business workflows.

Job site creator

Easily create functional landing pages and incorporate your company's brand language.

Survey creator

Design your individual survey easily and playfully and save your candidates from unpopular application forms.

Applicant pipeline

Easily structure and coordinate your candidates in the process and reduce your time-to-hire.


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