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Warum flynne?

flynne bildet für Recruiter:innen einen komplett digitalen und kompetenzbasierten Recruitingprozess. Wir haben Active Sourcing und damit auch die Recruiting-Prozessschritte Sourcing, Screening, Selection (Suche, Bewertung, Auswahl und Teil- Terminierung), die die schwierigste und zeitaufwändigste Aufgabe eines Recruiters ist, vollständig automatisiert. Neben relevanten Hard Facts, wie der IT-Implementierungserfahrung oder Programmiersprachen, werden dabei auch Potenziale und wichtige persönliche Eigenschaften der Kandidaten abfragt und mit dem Jobprofil gematcht.
Der große Benefit ist: Recruiter von Unternehmen erhalten einen Wissensvorsprung über die Kandidaten. Sie lernen sie schon vor dem persönlichen Gespräch kennen, und wissen über welche wichtigen Skills sie verfügen und können sich im Gespräch mehr auf die Fakten konzentrieren.



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„Scout Hidden Talents. Get professionals from outside of the SAP ecosystem through social media, using campaings designed to attract and qualify profiles against predefined set of consulting personas defined by each participating partner”
Stano Simunek
Global Vice President
Partner Delivery Programs for Intelligent Enterprise at SAP

“We would like to make flynne available in other European countries and I can imagine that up to 100 partners could be qualified.”

Rumyana Trencheva
Senior Vice President
"With Flynne, we were able to connect with candidates of different experience levels in a short period of time and get them excited about a joint application process."
Aljoscha Recknagel
CU Human Resources
HR-Development BTC Business Technology Consulting AG
„Having people from different countries and culture influences our team performance and company success. Diversity enriches us as an organization. We are happy to have filled our positions with people from Ukraine by using the outstanding digital recruiting tool flynne”
Susanne Krause-Hennemann Executive Director People & Culture 
All For One Group

“The reaction time is incredible. I have received first profile from the Flynne Platform already couple of days after the registration and it was a candidate perfectly matching our criteria. It is a great support by searching of SAP Consultants.”

Pavla Ribeiro Vicente
HR Business Partner
Success Solutions s.r.o.

„The process of using the Flynne platform is very quick and simple. We have already received promising applications in a very short time.

In addition, we were able to arrange the first interview with a developer in just one week after registration, so I can really recommend the initiative“

Larissa Janta
Talent Acquisition & Diversity Manager q.beyond AG

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