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Companies that already use flynne :

Companies that already use
flynne :


How does it work?


Create the candidate profile
with just a few clicks
Determine which
competencies are relevant
for your profile
flynne recruits, you will receive an insightful talent report of the candidates who would like to get in touch with you.
Matching and contacting
are automated.

Why flynne

Recruiting based on skills

find candidates
that suit you

The conventional way in recruiting often reaches its limits. Job requirements change with the increasing degree of digitization. It is becoming more and more challenging to achieve growth goals in the company, to bring more diversity to the company or the teams or to fill positions for which there is no special training or course of study.

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures. With Flynne we have developed an application that puts skills and potential in the foreground and thus saves you time and effort.
With flynne we have developed an application that puts skills and potential in the foreground and thus saves you time and effort.

flynne takes care of the search for potential candidates, as well as the selection and approach. In contrast to job exchanges, which only define active job seekers as the target group, flynne also reaches passive candidates. Flynne focuses on the competencies and potential of the candidates and provides you with information that you cannot find on your CV.
With flynne, the entire upstream recruiting process is automated so that you can talk to interested candidates straight away.



automated &

We reach passive
candidates from your
target group
Candidates perform a
compact and interactive
potential analysis.
flynne matches the results
of the analysis with your
requirements and creates
a talent report.
If your predefined requirements are met
candidates will contact you.
The process is automated,
you just have to hold the interview


„Mit dem Einsatz von flynne können wir gezielt das Potential eines Kandidaten für eine bestimmte Anforderung erfassen. Unsere Führungskräfte haben eine enorme Budgetentlastung, da wir großteils auf Headhunter und Jobbörsen verzichten können. Mit flynne fördern wir darüber hinaus Diversität und Chancengleichheit, da der Prozess keinen CV erfordert. Vielen Dank für diese innovative Lösung.”

Holger Strehlau
CEO Bildungsprofis


„Scout Hidden Talents. Get professionals from outside of the SAP ecosystem through social media, using campaings designed to attract and qualify profiles against predefined set of consulting personas defined by each participating partner”

Stano Simunek
Global Vice President
Partner Delivery Programs for Intelligent Enterprise at SAP


„Recruiting mit flynne spart sehr viel Zeit und hat unseren Talent-Pool innerhalb von 3 Monaten auf rund 40 Prozent vergrößert. Wir sind dadurch auch auf viele interessante Kandidaten aus technologie- und branchenverwandten Bereichen gestoßen, die allein mit ihrer CV durch unser Bewerberraster gefallen wären“

Bernd Koneczny
Senior Vice President HR at Bausch Health

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