Our vision

Imagine a world in which every single person's talents and abilities are recognized and used in the best possible way!


Our adventure began with a shared vision and personal stories. In the midst of the recruiting industry, we have recognized the need for change in recent years. That's why we developed flynne to revolutionize the way talent is discovered and nurtured!

our mission

We are committed to addressing the shortage of skilled workers and supporting companies in finding the best talent for a successful future.

Why we do what we do

The world of work is changing quickly. Both through new technologies and through changing attitudes and working methods. Soft skills are becoming more important and lifelong learning is becoming indispensable. Companies rely on candidates who have both technical and certain social skills and are prepared to continuously develop in a changing world of work. And this is where we start our development.

Our commitment to a better future

We want to discover undiscovered talent. We want to give people with potential opportunities, help shape careers and help companies recognize them.

We are here to break convention and create positive change. Today our conviction is stronger than ever. We therefore feel obliged to shape our actions accordingly!

Our team

flynne is a digital product from Brandmonks, a Europe-wide recruiting agency based in Mainz that specializes in digital recruiting. Our core team consists of recruiting experts, IT/software developers, data scientists and marketing experts who work every day to make flynne even better.

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